Siemens partner part of Trump's occupation package eem_siemens1_610.jpg
11.12 - 2020 20:01
To convince Morocco to recognise Israel, Trump not only recognised Morocco's claim to Western Sahara, but allegedly also promised investments in the Moroccan king's personal energy firm which operates in the occupied land with Siemens.
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Trump backs occupation, opens consulate in Western Sahara10.12 - 2020
US president Donald Trump issued a statement today in which he backs Morocco's occupation of Western Sahara and the opening of a consulate in Dakhla, "to promote economic and business opportunities".Read more
Russia signs fish deal with Morocco as war resumes in Western Sahara07.12 - 2020
Through the deal, Russian trawlers will fish exclusively in the waters off occupied Western Sahara.Read more

New report: The EU ignores its own court on conflict trade03.12 - 2020
Four years have passed since the EU Court of Justice ruled that products from occupied Western Sahara cannot be part of EU’s trade agreements with Morocco. Today, WSRW presents an extensive report showing the efforts that the EU is taking to politically undercut the ruling. Read more
Life sentences confirmed for political prisoners26.11 - 2020
The Moroccan Court of Cassation yesterday confirmed the harsh sentences rendered against the so-called Gdeim Izik prisoners. The group took part in the protest of socio-economic marginalisation in Western Sahara in 2010. Read more

Saharawi gov calls for halt of all activity in Western Sahara over warmur_sahara_509.jpg
19.11 - 2020
The Saharawi government has declared that it now considers "the entire territory of the Sahrawi Republic, including its terrestrial, maritime and air spaces, a war zone", advising all countries and economic operators to steer away from the territory.
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WSRW calls for suspension EU-Morocco fish deal18.11 - 2020
WSRW submits that Morocco's violation of the ceasefire in occupied Western Sahara, plunging the territory into war and putting lives of Saharawi civilians at risk, is a violation of the EU-Morocco fish deal's human rights clause.Read more
EU Commission says Western Sahara not part of aviation agreement17.11 - 2020
The EU Commission has clarified that Western Sahara is not covered by any EU aviation agreement, and that it does not seek to include it in the EU-Morocco aviation deal. Yet some EU airlines are still offering flights into the territory - now effectively a war zone.Read more

Protesters in New Zealand block entry to controversial factories  16.11 - 2020

The entry gates to factories of Ravensdown and Ballance Agri-Nutrients around New Zealand were today blocked by pro-Saharawi actitivists denouncing the imports of conflict minerals from occupied Western Sahara.
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Morocco intervenes militarily to re-open its plunder corridor13.11 - 2020
Tension in Western Sahara has not been this high for years. Read more

MEPs: EU should warn Enel and Siemenssiemens_enel_610x200.jpg
13.11 - 2020
19 Members of the EU Parliament today urged the EU to warn the two companies Enel and Siemens about the legal and ethical risk that they run in partnering with Morocco for operations on occupied land.
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Swedish renewable company Azelio silent about Western Sahara06.11 - 2020
Swedish company Azelio will not clarify whether its deal with the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy also covers renewable projects in occupied Western Sahara. The details appear in a WSRW report published today. Read more
DNV GL exits project in Western Sahara, will not return05.11 - 2020
The Norwegian certification company DNV GL today stated that it is will phase out its participation in Soluna's controversial bitcoin project in occupied Western Sahara.Read more

Siemens Gamesa with new large deal for occupied Western Sahara 02.11 - 2020
"We condemn Siemens Gamesa for its lack of respect for basic human rights", stated Western Sahara Resource Watch, calling on investors to terminate ongoing engagement processes and exclude the company from their portfolios. The company has yet again signed a large contract for what it refers to as "Southern Morocco".Read more
EU-Mauritanian fleet circumvents Saharawi roadblock31.10 - 2020

WSRW has received videos shot in occupied Western Sahara this morning, showing the arrival of EU vessels that have allegedly been fishing in Mauritanian waters. By landing in Dakhla, the fleet circumvents the Saharawi demonstration currently taking place at Guerguerat.
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Russian fisheries still absent from Western Saharavasilylozovskiy_kapitanbogomolov_12.10.2020_610.jpg
12.10 - 2020
The large Russian trawl fleet that normally zig-zags the waters off occupied Western Sahara at this time of year is nowhere to be found.
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West African controversial fish imports resume07.10 - 2020
The export of frozen fish from occupied Western Sahara to harbours in West African countries has picked up again after the summer break. Read more
No more Swedish supplies to the Bou Craa mine05.10 - 2020
The Swedish mining equipment company Epiroc has announced that it will no longer supply the controversial Bou Craa phosphate mine in occupied Western Sahara. German company Continental should follow the example, WSRW comments.  Read more

Soon 10 years of wrongful imprisonment: release Gdeim Izik group now 08.09 - 2020
Western Sahara Resource Watch calls for immediate and unconditional release of the group of leading Saharawi activists who were arrested in 2010 for advocating for socio-economic rights of the Saharawi people. Read more
DHL: ignoring Saharawi rights for 5 parcels a day08.09 - 2020
The Board of Deutsche Post AG completely missed the opportunity to explain its controversial activities in occupied Western Sahara.
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Morocco occupies the major part of its neighbouring country, Western Sahara. Entering into business deals with Moroccan companies or authorities in the occupied territories gives an impression of political legitimacy to the occupation. It also gives job opportunities to Moroccan settlers and income to the Moroccan government. Western Sahara Resource Watch demands foreign companies leave Western Sahara until a solution to the conflict is found.
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